~ Sound Examples ~

[Time-Span CD Cover]
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Time-Span (70')

I have chosen Number 14 as the sound example from Time-Span. It is situated at the pivot point in the movement from resonance to monody. Similar to a 17th c. aria, a solo melody of non-chordal design is accompanied by chords, with a fairly fast harmonic rhythm. Before this point, melodic design is more chordal in nature, and after it, melodic design becomes increasingly linear. The performer is Dorle Law.
[Nomad CD Cover]
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Nomad (40')

This is the beginning of Nomad, where it sets out the initial phrase and begins weaving it into itself. Unaccompanied alto saxophone, performed by Richard Ingham
[Crossing the Dark Rift CD Cover]
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Crossing the Dark Rift (30'22")

This selection from the Mayan soundscape, Crossing the Dark Rift is taken a little after the half-way point, in the midst of the high Mayan civilization. We hear a speech being declaimed (spoken in Mayan) in a reverberant space filled with ethereal voices, falling drops, radiant harmonies and drumbeats.

Last updated: 10 March 2017